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Pumking Whiskey

Pumking Whiskey On & Off Premise Assets

Posters, Dangler, Shelf Talker, Neck Rider, Cocktail Guide

2020 Sales Sheets

STDC Golf Cart Program 2020

This file contains:
1) Sell-in sheet
2) Letter & Tabloid posters
3) Table tents
4) 5x3 banner

STDC All Sales Sheets

This file contains all STDC products as of July 2020. Update includes Pumking Whiskey

STDC Canned Beverages Sales Sheets

This file contains all current STDC canned beverages as of 01132019.

STDC High Proof Spirits Sales sheets

This file contains all STDC High Proof Spirits products as individual PDF files.

STDC Displays & Program Support

This file contains:
1) Collins Glass & Coaster program description sheets (glass & coasters ship from Lakewood, NY warehouse).
2) Sheets for custom-designed coolers (drop-shipped from manufacturer).
3) Vodka Seltzer cardboard display sell sheet (
4) In-cooler can displays (

Spirit Assets

2019 Vodka Seltzer Sales Sheets

2019 Vodka Seltzer Sales Sheets as 6-page PDF, includes UPCs. Updated 10/29/19

2019 Vodka Seltzer Images

Contains PNG & JPG images of our entire line of Vodka Seltzers including sleek cans, 4pk, 8pk.

2019 Vodka Seltzer POS

PDF file of posters, case cards, and shelf talkers for Vodka Seltzer line 2019

2019 RTD Canned Cocktail Images

Contains PNG & JPG images of our canned cocktails, including cans & carriers

2019 SIP Awards Sheet

PDF file highlighting our 2019 SIP Awards

2019 SIP Awards Graphics

SIP Awards Social Media Images (Square & Rectangular)

2019 RTD Posters, Case Cards

Updated 06/10/19 to include Vodka Soda. This PDF file contains various sizes of posters and case cards and updated 08/19/19 to include table tents.

2019 Shelf Talkers

Cocktails have been updated with SIP awards. File includes shelf talkers as PDF files for all canned cocktails and high proof spirits, and vodka seltzer.

2019 Bottled Spirits Images

Contains PNG images of our bottled spirits

2019 Logos

Corporate logos in various formats


Vodka Seltzer Video

30 second Vodka Seltzer video as MP4 file. Summer fun on a boat!

Bourbon Smash Video

30 second Bourbon Smash video as 720p MOV file

Vodka Soda Video

30 second Vodka Soda video as 720p MOV file

Gin & Tonic Video

30 second Gin & Tonic video as 720p MOV file

Vodka Madras Vodka Madras videoideo

30 second Vodka Madras video as 720p MOV file

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