Blanco agave spirits, lime & orange, a touch of salt

canned cocktail
Craft Cocktail

San Francisco World Spirits Competition BRONZE medalist! Lime Agave Margarita is a year-round canned cocktail that will make your friends believe you’re a master bartender!Bursting with fresh lime juice, orange juice, Blanco agave spirits & a touch of salt, Lime Agave Margarita is an instant classic. Enjoy it as is or poured over ice, you’ll reminisce of white sand beaches, your favorite tacos, sunny days & warm nights. Looking to spice things up? Muddle in fresh strawberries & jalapeños or throw in an extra shot of your favorite agave spirit or tequila.





When making cocktails from scratch is not an option, we present our canned cocktails. Serve over ice or enjoy straight from the can for a perfectly crafted cocktail anywhere.

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