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I can’t find any serving facts about your canned cocktails. How many calories are in Vodka Madras? 

Our can cocktails are similar to a hand-crafted cocktail you would order at a bar. Per serving the caloric and carb content are as follows with approximately 2 servings per can :

  • Vodka Madras: 156 calories / 21 carbs / 8% alc/vol
  • Vodka Citrus: 106 calories / 6 carbs / 8% alc/vol
  • Vodka Pink Lemonade: 121 Calories / 11g Carbs / 8% alc/vol
  • King & Cola: 122 Calories / 12g Carbs / 8% alc/vol
  • Vodka Transfusion: 138 Calories / 15g Carbs / 8% alc/vol
  • Cherry Vodka Spritz: 77.5 Calories / 6g Carbs / 5% alc/vol
  • Lime Agave Margarita: 111 Calories / 8g Carbs / 8% alc/vol
  • Bourbon Smash: 160 calories / 16 carbs / 10% alc/vol
  • Whiskey Mule: 143 Calories / 16g Carbs / 8% alc/vol

Are your canned cocktails gluten free? 

Our vodka cocktails are made from corn based spirits and are naturally gluten free. Lime Agave Margarita is made with agave spirits and is considered gluten free. Whiskey Mule, King & Cola, and Bourbon Smash contain spirits made with grains and are not considered to be gluten free, however gluten is removed during the distillation process. As always, we recommend consuming at your own discretion.

How many cans are in a case of canned cocktails? 

Our cases contain 24 cans in six 4-packs. They are 12oz cans (355ml).

How do I find your products like Pumking Whiskey in Pennsylvania? 

In southeastern Pennsylvania our products, including Pumking Whiskey, are sold at Victory Brewing Company locations in Downingtown, Parkesburg and Philadelphia. Read more about our “Spirit Rooms” by clicking here.

In the Pittsburgh area, customers may participate in our Spirits Delivered program. Email info at southerntierdistilling dot com to be added to our mailing list, or keep your eyes on THIS SITE to keep up to date on semi-regular deliveries.

My friend said she orders your whiskeys online and they’re delivered to Pittsburgh. Is that for real? How can I do that too?  

Your friend is correct! We have a regular cadence of deliveries to the Southern Tier Brewing Co. 316 N. Shore Drive location. Typically every other Wednesday we deliver pre-ordered and pre-paid products to the taproom. To learn more and get signed up to our email list, please email info at and ask to be added to the Pittsburgh Spirits Delivered mailing list.

I tried your Bourbon at your location in Charlotte. I loved it! Why can’t I find it in stores in North Carolina? 

Fortunately, our taproom at 4001 Yancey Road in Charlotte serves our spirits and expertly crafted cocktails to enjoy at the taproom. Unfortunately, that is the only place to enjoy our products in North Carolina at this time.

Do you sell your products to go at the downtown Cleveland location? 

Although we do encourage customers to enjoy our cocktails and spirits at the Southern Tier Brewing Co. location at 811 Prospect Ave, our products are not sold to go from that location. Visit this link to our Spirit Finder to track down retailers near you. Just select “ALL” then punch in your ZIP code and hit FIND. Still not able to find our stuff? Email us at info at and we’ll see what we can do for you.





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