Old Is New

What’s old is new again, so the saying goes. Seven years have come and gone since we first began distilling our bourbon, and we couldn’t be more excited to release some of our oldest bourbon. 7 year Bottled in Bond…

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Hand Sanitizer

PROCEEDS TO BENEFIT FEEDMORE WNY In response to the community need for hand sanitizer, we quickly began production of an 80% alcohol solution to be used in spritzer spray bottles. All proceeds from the sale of our 4oz spritzer bottles…

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Vodka Seltzers!

vodka seltzers

IS THERE VODKA IN YOUR SELTZER? Southern Tier Distilling’s craft Vodka Seltzers are a true alternative to the standard sugar and malt-based hard seltzers. The difference is noticeable because ours are crafted with corn vodka for crisp refreshment with incredible…

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Introducing Vodka Soda

2019 Canned Cocktail Line

Our Latest Craft Cocktail! Take our award winning Vodka and add a splash of blood orange and pomelo juice, some spicy kaffir lime, and a hint of rosemary for what could be the best Vodka Soda of all time. Vodka

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SIP Award Winners!

Craft Cocktails Take SIP Awards The results are in from San Diego, and they’re worth noting! Our canned cocktail line was a highlight of the competition. Vodka Madras took the highest honors possible by being awarded “Best of Class,…

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